One of my favourite things to do is to stumble upon a new illustrated story to read.  This week I’ve found a webcomic called the “Thirst of Angels”.  This story revolves around students attending a catholic school.  The story begins with Melani, a beautiful red-head (obviously, mangas are never short of attractive characters) sleepwalking out of her dorm.  Her friend, Jana, walks out to stop her only to spot an … can you guess it ?  Yep, an attractive manga-man.  This man, however, is not all he seems.

Jana begins to have nightmares concerning the man, whereas Melani is busy dreaming sweet dreams of this very same man … who she happened to not see at all on the first day, due to her sleepwalking (what !).

The story definitely begins well, with the art keeping a good pace; the story, however, is not what first drew me to this manga.  After all, vampire stories (darn, did I give too much away ?) are not short to come by.  No, what initially prompted me to read the webtoon was the beautiful artwork presented by the artist, al Winchester, whose work can be found on both his Facebook page and his art fan page for this webcomic (https://www.facebook.com/winchesteral?hc_ref=NEWSFEED&fref=nf;   https://www.facebook.com/ememchanart/?pnref=story).  Just a warning though, the art on the webtoon is not the same as the full panel manga pages he has on his Facebook page.  This is because there is another artist, behind the scenes, who takes his manga pages and converts them to webtoon format.  This brings with it some unfortunate side-effects, such as disproportionate anatomy and some strange looking line-work.  It definitely took me by surprise when I realised that the beautiful artwork showcased by this artist on a Facebook Manga page was not what I would be seeing on the webtoon; but nevertheless, this is definitely one webtoon to watch out for.  I, for one, will be following it to see how the story unfolds.  Will you be joining me ?