The words in this book were nothing short of chilling !

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Sarah Wilson was one of a staggering number of girls (and some boys) who were groomed and sexually exploited by a group of Asian men, mostly of Pakistani origin, in Rotherham.  …  Why did I specify the race of these predators ?  Simple – because it’s a fact !  Whilst Sarah, and many other mostly vulnerable white girls, were drugged, raped and threatened by the paedophiles in Rotherham to keep their silence, the so-called police and social services willingly turned a blind eye to the tearful pleas for help by the guardians of these children and the children themselves; and later, it was found that a major reason for this was so these authorities would not be regarded as racist for stating that the paedophiles were mostly Pakistani !  Well, I’m not a racist.  I am a British, Bangladeshi, Asian, Muslim, woman, and I am telling you that the predators were mostly of Pakistani origin and claimed to be Muslims.  This is a fact.  It is not a question of being racist to point this out.  It is a question of being honest !

This book was published in 2015, twelve years after Sarah’s nightmare began; but, having completed a little reading on the Rotherham sex scandal, I can tell you that this book is just as relevant today as it would have been then, if it had been available.  …  I hate to break it to anyone reading, hoping for a happy ending, but the failures that led to Sarah and numerous other children being violated for so long are still happening today.  There are still large groups of paedophiles grooming vulnerable children in Rotherham, and the useless authorities are still turning a blind eye for the same ridiculous reasons that Sarah and numerous others weren’t helped: .

Having read this book and seen videos of Sarah Wilson standing up for her rights and the rights of all other children, I can say that she is a brave, intelligent and incredibly loving human.  Even through all that has happened, she has kept her love of humanity, her fairness and non-judgement.  You see, where a lot of people may succumb to the belief that all Pakistani men; or that all Muslims must be disgusting paedophiles and predators, Sarah has maintained the rightful stance that not all Pakistani men are evil.  That any one individual can be good or bad, but that race is not the deciding factor of a person’s humanity.  I have no doubt that it is this unbiased personality that allowed her to trust the one Pakistani (!) man that would save her from her hell !  And having said that, I want this message to be strongly understood from my blog: that although I stand by the stating of facts, no matter how terrible it may sound; this does not mean that I believe the facts must be generalised which can naturally cause hatred towards innocent people.  These predators were mostly Pakistani, but that does not mean all Pakistani men are bad !  These monsters claimed to be Muslim, but that does not mean all Muslims are bad !  It is so very important that we keep our rationality when reading or learning about events like this, because it is so very easy to get caught up in the hatred and to harm those who are wholly innocent.

For my readers, I urge you to pick up this book and read it, because, if for nothing else, it is important that we do not close our eyes to the horrors of this world for fear that it might be too much for us to bear.  People … our children, the vulnerable in our society, are constantly being harmed, and at the very least, we should not make the victims (who hopefully become survivors) feel like they cannot tell their stories; or, even worse, feel like the refusal to hear their stories is because they have done something wrong.  We need to listen and be aware …  we need to hear their voices, so that we may help them and prevent the harm from happening again.