Today’s blog is a review of these two Disney books which are aimed at the 3-7 year old range:

1) Frozen Book and CD (ISBN: 978-1-4723-7325-0): ;

2) Tangled Book and CD (ISBN: 978-1-4454-7603-2): .

Both of these books are priced at £5.99.  However, cheaper versions can be found from as little as £1.99.  I bought my copies from B&M (UK) for £1.99 each.



I would say that both books have mostly the same positives and negatives, which is why I am reviewing them together.  In terms of the positives:

1) They are of a perfect size to make the illustrations stand out (8″ by 10″).

2) The cover is a bubble hard-back design which looks beautiful and will also be harder to damage.  Perfect if your kids are so inclined.

3) The CD that comes with each book is fitted into the cover.  This makes it easy to fit the book into the shelf without taking up extra room.  It also means that keeping the CD safe is very simple to do.

4) The illustrations in these books are absolutely beautiful and printed on glossy pages, which makes the colours vibrant.  In the Tangled book, it looks like the art may have been done with acrylic paint … that, or a computer software that mimics acrylic paint.  Either way, it’s stunning, detailed and very close to the original Disney animation.  The Frozen book, on the other hand, looks like the illustrations are actually stills from the movie.  It may not be, but it sure looks like it.

5) The narrations in the CDs are wonderful.  For the Tangled book, the narrator is female; whereas the narrator is male in the Frozen CD.  The music in the background as the story is narrated, in each CD, sounds like the soundtrack from the movies and definitely creates a beautiful atmosphere when following along.  Original voices from the movies are also used when a character speaks, rather than relying on the narrator to voice the speech.  This is a lovely touch.

6) Both stories contain the key parts of the movies, excluding any excessive details.  I think this works well for a book aimed at young children.  Just in case you’re curious, the Tangled book is 41 sides long (20 pages long); and the Frozen book is 24 sides long (13 pages).



On the negative side:

1) For the Frozen book, there was a page where the speech of two of the characters were included, without specifying which character was saying what.  I’m assuming that is because the character voices in the CD would let you know who is speaking; but if the CD gets damaged, then there’s pretty much no knowing who is speaking.

2) I read some reviews where people thought the story narration for Frozen is too short.  I, on the other hand, think the length is perfectly fine seeing as the story flowed well.  A short story would be a problem if key parts are missing which affect the flow of a story.  In the case of these two books, the stories flow fine.

So that’s it.  I hope this short and snappy review was useful for anyone considering buying these books !  Thank you for reading 🙂 .