Just wanted to provide a quick update of my progress on my children’s fantasy book.  Course, I’m not revealing the name of the book just yet, but I will tell you that it concerns a Kingdom of mermaids and an unexpected addition in the sea of the creatures which dwell amongst them.

I have officially reached the last chapter, which I’m hoping to finish tomorrow.  The book will be approximately 19,000 to 20,000 words in length; and the fairy tale genre is suited to the age group 8+ (I won’t put an upper limit on the age group because, if you are like me, you may just enjoy a fairy tale meant for kids 🙂 ).

I have also begun my character development for the illustrations.  For the first print of the book, I plan on providing simple black and white art, which will reduce the costs of printing the books and therefore make it cheaper for you all to purchase, should you want to.  Of course, I will also make an e-book version available with an initial discounted price.

Finally, I am very interested in researching black and white illustrations that you may like, so if you have any suggestions for artwork that I can look at, please comment them below.

Thanks everyone !